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It is of our time to connect the zeal of the arts to the acumen of business. Passion and focus belong together as corporate life finds a working paradigm that combines driving commercial ambition with personal integrity. Artists and industrialists share the same conversation about being successful in turbulent times. Mackenzie Inc works directly with your business strategy to bring it fully alive, relationship centered and compelling. We offer a range of personal development programmes for the inspired graduate to the fearless leader. Mackenzie Inc delivers a number of programmes detailed below in conjunction with Cranfield School of Management.

Fearless Leadership

This is our flagship programme for developing commanding presence in leadership. It is highly experiential and draws on a combination of business models, coaching relationships, and spatial dynamics in order to become fearless in leadership.

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“Fear can be conquered. You can be free from fear if you realise that fear is not the ogre. You can step on fear and therefore you can attain what is known as fearlessness. But that requires that when you see fear, you smile.”

Chogyam Trungpa

For senior leaders who want a new fresh approach to becoming fearless and creative in their role.

In today’s environment where everyone is worried but we know creativity is critical to driving success, the key role of a true leader is knowing how to enable the creative space for collective genius to flourish in an organisation.

Drawing from a heart, body and mind perspective, this unique and challenging programme will give you the confidence and ability to be fearless in creating and sustaining a community defined by the trust, respect and creativity of its empowered members.

What will I get out of the programme?

• Discover openness as a courageous strength for change
• Learn how to harness fear as a source of positive leadership.
• Grow by developing deep, collaborative relationships
• Recognise your own creative potential and how to unlock this in others.

What is the programme about?

Click here to watch Alexander speak about Fearless Leadership

Click here to watch Alexander speak about Fearless Leadership

Business and commerce are familiar with the vital role of the left brain to analyse and rationally strategise. However, the central role of the right brain to form meaningful relationships and to unlock creativity is often overlooked. Leadership questions beginning with ‘What . . ?’ are often well attended to by the left brain whereas the corollary questions beginning with “How, Why and What if . . ?’ are overlooked partly because this is the domain of the right brain and rely on emotional rapport and embodied action, both core attributes of right brain functioning. This programme will ‘unlock’ your right brain functioning and develop your emotional intelligence, in particular looking at fearlessness and creativity.

This holistic programme will work with the arts and the spatial dynamics of body awareness to tap into the essence of emotional fluency. This then combined with your intellectual capacity will help to develop your fearlessness and creativity.

During the programme you will work on your real-time leadership issues, which are used as material for both in depth dialogue and a forum for direct interpersonal change. All sessions are designed to surface the intellectual rigour required for leadership direction and working with the ambiguity and fascinating personal dilemmas that go along with implementing that leadership direction. It will at times require going beyond the familiar and working outside comfort zones as leaders are frequently expected to do.

Module 1
Work with you to activate and access deep inner resolve as a core personal resource for fearless leadership and for unlocking creativity in yourself and others.

Module 2
Learn how to build creativity and fearlessness in your own teams and amongst peer groups and key stakeholders.

Module 3
Take you on a deep and challenging journey of commitment to practical, sustainable actions for fearless leadership as a source on ongoing creativity in yourself and others.

Who is the programme for?

Senior leaders wanting to build a creative community for organisational success.

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Winning hearts and minds

An introduction to speaking with passion and articulation, combining the skills of storytelling with voice work. This highly experiential programme is for managers wanting to increase their professional gravitas and rapport in working with clients and stakeholders. Watch a short interview with Alexander about the programme here.

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This programme will help you become a better communicator in the workplace by giving you the key techniques that storytellers have used for centuries to engage, enthuse and motivate their listeners. By the end of the programme you will be able to influence others confidently and lead with passion, clarity and presence.

“Information not passed through the heart is dangerous.”

Anita Rodick, Body Shop

What will I get out of the programme?

You will:

  • Deliver authentic and engaging communication with impact
  • The ability to maximise your presence and empowered authority
  • The ability to develop head and heart expression to provide motivation to others
  • Confidence to present with personal conviction, colour and natural enthusiasm
  • Personal delivery is authentic, impactful and engaging
  • Head and heart expression, combine to motivate others into action
  • Key statements mission and declarations and vision become textured with personal conviction, colour and natural enthusiasm.
Click here to watch Alexander speak about WHAM

Click here to watch Alexander speak about WHAM

What is the programme about?

The art of storytelling is an age-old technique that is used to motivate, influence and capture people’s imaginations. This programme will help you to understand the simple structure behind powerful words, dynamic images and personal presence. This is a highly experiential programme that takes each participant to new heights of personal presence.

This storytelling course takes each participant to new heights of personal presence.  It covers:

  • The threefold model of verbal communication
  • Skills are naturally inherent
  • Language of story is analysed to demonstrate the ‘magic’ of storytelling that can be applied to everyday applications
  • The Five Imaginations. Using the special qualities of each of the senses to add significance to key messages and important statements
  • Shifting fear of failure to winning presence whatever the environment
  • Using head to bring clarity
  • Using heart to focus on emotional intelligence
  • Being aware of the body as the carrier of power and presence.

When participants communicate through the threefold model they immediately become more impactful, dynamic and influential. This makes for delivery that is engaging, moving and inspiring. Words become memorable, key messages strike home and personal status is heightened with a renewed sense of enriched authority.

Who is the programme for?

  • Managers who engage in public speaking
  • Managers involved in influencing others within the workplace.

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Alexander Mackenzie

Holding Court

A more advanced programme designed to enhance the stature of senior managers to become more impactful and memorable in their communication style. This storytelling and voice skills workshop is particularly beneficial for those leading teams and organisations through change.

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“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

Winston Churchill

Set in the auspicious surroundings of a castle, the home of kings and queens, this programme delivers the craft of inspirational storytelling. All inspirational leaders are storytellers, engaging communicators who understand the memorable language of the heart. From the ancient seat of power and influence leaders have always proclaimed their vision and held court with a dignified awakening presence. More than an ancient monument, a castle represents the heraldry of well-spoken rhetoric, and when we speak within the castle walls our words can echo with the might of our being.

This two day workshop is designed to bring senior managers and organizational leaders the art of winning hearts and minds with storytelling. Based on the time honoured tradition of combining the articulate clarity of the head with the inspirational knowledge of the heart, this programme promises an awakening to personal presence in the spoken word to command attention and make a positive difference to your teams, your organisations and yourself. This is a highly experiential programme and all the work we do will be centred on the messages, communications and expectations that your role calls for in times of turbulence as well as times of celebration.

In this skills based workshop, we will practice what it takes to re-connect with the inspirational speaker that we are, and learn to communicate with the clarity and focus of the head and the warmth, imagination and enthusiasm of the heart. Delegates will work with small, real-time presentations from their workplace, contextualizing passion and articulation in their everyday working environment. We, the facilitators of this workshop together with our heraldic company, will help fashion this message –applying the arts of informing, engaging and inspiring others with a fearless and compassionate confidence.

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From grad to professional

Currently an international programme designed to use the skills of storytelling to enable graduates to quickly become more credible, powerful and professional in their presence and delivery.

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“A lot of fellows nowadays have a B.A., M.D., or Ph.D. Unfortunately, they don’t have a J.O.B.”

“Fats” Domino

Year on year, new recruits are drawn to exciting and progressive organisations. They are expected and expecting to grow in an increasingly complicated work environment. Building the bridge between student life and performing as a professional, relies on their aptitude for advancing their personal communication skills. It is increasingly vital to establish professional respect and gain report with relevant stakeholders.

This programme enables keen graduates to take an important second look at how they communicate. Speaking with gravitas and warmth are the pillars upon which this programme is designed. Incorporating early habits of being articulate in presentation and winning in presence are the core skills that underpin the journey from grad to professional.

Blue chip companies and banks have adopted this programme internationally; it works across cultures and functions with depth and accessibility. Measurable success is one of the key benefits of this programme.

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