performance coaching

At the epicenter of all meaningful next steps is fine-tuned performance coaching. Our performance coaches establish rapport, become familiar with the inside story, hold the mirror and share a commitment for growth with their coachees. Performance coaching is a hands-on, experiential, interactive intervention geared to shifting personal ambition into corporate success. Mackenzie Inc uses coaches who are professionally practiced in what it is to be impactful, hold attention and deliver vibrantly.


Time and again you find yourself standing in front of others, sharing your opinions, your views and your presentations. These are the times you will be judged on your credibility by your peers and seniors. Performance coaching enables you to make the most of how your express yourself personally, which is just as important as what you know.


At the heart of leading others is your ability to work with positive personal relationship. Teams, peers and direct reports look to you to personify well being and decisive good will, regardless of the challenges in front of you. Performance coaching at an executive level requires you to take stock of your responsibility in how you manage others, in an empathetic yet clear cut way. It encourages you to speak your truth with tact and perseverance, whatever the odds.


Good decisions live or die on the back of those that carry them forward. Every important decision has consequences on a variety of operations. Performance coaching enables the bigger picture decisions to be experienced as a group process, and holds each of the group to honour their part in a mutually supportive and team driven way.