Roger Delves
MA, (Oxon), FRSA, Dean of Qualifications & Head of People and Leadership faculty, Ashridge Business School

    “I worked with Alexander on a big piece of business for a multinational when we were both at Cranfield in one capacity or another. I was blown away not only by his design insights but by his utterly fearless honesty when in front of the groups with which we worked. He got people to do extraordinary things, far outside their comfort zone, things which almost visibly helped them grow as individuals. I have worked in management development and education for over twenty years, but the work I shared with Alexander remains some of the most compelling, insightful yet pragmatic stuff with which I have ever been engaged. He’s unique – which is a real shame, because if you could bottle what he has, we’d all be the better for drinking it!”

Alasdair McKee
Chief Executive at Glen Oaks Housing Association Limited

    “During a period of change, Alexander delivered 2 major learning and development programmes for our organisation. In addition, he has coached Board and Corporate Management Team members. This work has delivered excellent results, including developing the skills and confidence of individuals and greatly enhanced team working. As a result we have achieved a greater understanding and agreement of the organisation’s priorities. I have found Alexander to be very knowledgeable and personable – he is able to quickly build excellent working relationships with all colleagues.”

Gerard Burke
Helping owner managers create the future they want for their businesses and themselves

    “Alexander is a truly inspirational facilitator and highly insightful coach. His passion for sharing the skills and techniques of story-telling is infectious. He has an uncanny ability to empathise with others’ deepest emotions and personal situations and to help them articulate and confront their feelings with candour and courage. And he has the bravery and kindness to speak the truth as he sees and feels it. He is a man of great soul who I am proud and privileged to work with.”

Britta Pahls
Director of Bertelsmann University

    “For many years Alexander is one of the facilitators of our Bertelsmann University Leadership program we are offering in close cooperation with the Cranfield University. The program lives from his creativity, knowledge and commitment. He challenges the participants and taking them out of their comfort zones while providing support and learning experience. He’s a great storyteller! It is a pleasure working with him.”

Jon Chapman
Director at Raphael Learning and Development Ltd

    “Alexander is an inspirational storyteller who combines his creative talent with an intuitive gift for facilitation grounded in the needs of the group. I value his deep commitment to collaborative working and his willingness to challenge constructively. He is great fun to work with and a trusted colleague.”

Mark Threlfall
Interim Director, Centre for Customised Executive Development at Cranfield University

    “I have known Alexander for over ten years and have worked with him on many client interventions over that period. Most recently it was on the EFMD Gold award winning programme Exploring Leadership, delivered for BG Group, the gas major.
    Alexander was part of the UK delivery team and brought a special set of talents to the process. As well as his unique facilitation style and challenging and supportive approach to coaching it was the use of art and poetry within a business context to promote deeper learning that stood out. Essentially his sessions are a sense making process rather than a traditional didactic knowledge transfer approach. He works at a meta level so the learning is highly transferable.
    Through a number of sessions he led he used art and poetry with the groups to promote a deeper level of reflection and to offer the opportunity to explore notions of self-awareness that would not have been afforded through ‘more traditional’ methodologies. One of his sessions early on in the programme was designed to capture how leadership is manifested within the organisation through the co-creation of a piece of art. This was an important step in the learning process to flush out the context against which the individuals have to enact their leadership.
Click here for a visual summary of BG Exploring Leadership Programme

Click here for a visual summary of BG Exploring Leadership Programme

    The video shows one of these pieces of art created by the cohort which is the physical manifestation of the leadership landscape within their part of the business. It works on many levels and allows the participants to explore through metaphor their landscape; this brings a richness to the analysis This symbolic work then became the cohorts identity on their Jive site which supported the programme online.
    Another session Alexander has devised is the use of poetry in a group setting. Here he asks the individuals to compose a poem which captures something of themselves and is positioned after a period of personal reflection. It is less about the quality of the poem and more about the physical act of committing their thoughts feelings and beliefs onto paper to share in a group setting. It requires them as leaders to show up authentically and is a very challenging and powerful session. As leaders these people have to make difficult decisions and engage in very challenging situations. The act of creating the poem and reading out loud in a group setting is very challenging and to a degree that’s the point. It is equipping them with the resilience to show up and be authentic in really difficult situation.
    What is a constant with Alexander is his attention to the needs of the individual and the group and is very comfortable with working what emerges in the moment. He has the courage and capability to hold the space, no matter how uncomfortable, to ensure the groups push through the glib and often defensive into a realm of real, authentic, passionate learning.This is not a skillset that is readily available and through his use of art he brings a unique capability to a learning intervention.”