who we are

Mackenzie Inc is a specialist initiative focusing on the application of artistic practice within a corporate environment. It uses the tools of performance, experiential learning and executive coaching to enable companies and individuals to shine with authenticity. Brainstorming innovation, cutting edge challenge-and-support groups and impactful delivery are hallmarks of this consultancy.

Core to all we do is working experientially with the arts in real-time business, to make a positive and enlightened difference to the way the day is done. We rely on working with emotional rapport, group integrity, and harvesting courage to be the fuller, more colourful master of your own destiny.

Alexander Mackenzie


managing director

Alexander has been a leading pioneer in working with the arts in business for over 25 years. He is particularly recognised for his work in the use of storytelling as a tool for learning and development in organizations. Alexander combines his early careers in education and social work with his business consultancy learning and has created a dynamic experiential approach within the world of corporate leadership development. His seminal approach to combining the creative and strategic orientation of left and right brain preference within the context of personal development has been widely adopted and promulgated internationally.

A storyteller and consultant, Alexander specialises in enabling imaginative thinking and person-centred innovation. In 1998 he became a Winston Churchill Fellow for his research into the role of storytelling in organisational leadership and communication. He undertook his Fellowship with the Aboriginal people of Middle Australia bridging ancient storytelling practice with modern business processes. Alexander currently works across three continents with ongoing projects in the UK, India and the US.

He is a dedicated and inspiring speaker and workshop leader. His programmes span across a wide section of senior development forums from housing charities to world class financial institutions. His core value of passionate integrity is reflected in his ambition to support globally aware leaders delivering on authentic heart-centred leadership.

His progressive approach to executive coaching has been adopted within a variety of leadership training arenas as well as to post- graduate academic courses. His unique mind, body and spirit approach to weaving artistic thinking into pragmatic business protocol sets him apart as a consultant within the field of senior managerial personal development and fearless leadership worldwide.

Alexander is a happy father of six sons over the years, and now lives with his wife in Edinburgh.





Andy is a co-founder of The Praxis Centre at Cranfield School of Management, where he is a Visiting Fellow and Programme Director of the High Performance Leadership programme. He has worked with individuals ranging from top industrialists to professional footballers. Trained as an organisational psychologist and an experienced psychotherapist, he brings a very effective mixture of skills and insights to bear on his work as a management consultant. He draws on and integrates body-mind psychology, Tai Chai Chuan and the analytic tools of metaphor and imagery to help achieve incisive understanding of personal and management processes.

Recently he has developed a strand of coaching work with individual, highly placed, executives and managers. This aims to address and understand isolation and other pressures they often experience, helping them move beyond these, and in turn get the most from their teams.